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your experience


Do you have a calling to build community, share
your knowledge and inspire others?
Does your life story and purpose reflect your philosophy?

Samadhi Productions seeks partnership with unique individuals with a passion to create change and assist others on their path. We are currently looking for like-minded visionaries in these areas of expertise:


  • Natural health and wellness

  • The arts (artists, musicians, poets, writers, etc)

  • Community based enrichment programs

  • Not-for-profit

  • Advocacy

  • Organic skin & body care education

  • Massage and healing arts

  • Personal development

  • Meditation, yoga and movement instructors


​If you don't see your industry but feel we are of like-mind and want to join our network, please send an email along with your media kit to learn how we can benefit each other and our communities.



The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself  in the service of others.


                                                             - Mahatma Gandhi

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