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Beautiful spaces create beautiful minds.


                                                                          - Heidi Ketvertis


Sacred Space

is defined as an area that invokes spiritual connection; and has been used for centuries by many cultures and religions as an area of refuge to communicate with the divine.

We believe that creating these spaces bring together a sense of community and a powerful element in healing. Our intention is to infuse the essence of your retreat, ceremony, corporate, or cultural event into the aesthetics through lighting, textiles, food, art, and texture to create a sacred space that is both cohesive and engaging. Including a Sacred Space at your event supports your mission by offering your guests a space of self-reflection, relaxation, and renewal.


Sacred Spaces are mobile and can be created on-site at your event and managed by our team. Permanent installations can also be developed at your home or venue. Our services can be customized to fit your unique needs:


  • Relaxation or 'pop up' spa areas with massage and wellness services

  • Quiet meditation areas for break-out sessions during corporate conferences or events

  • Large scale installations such as Red Tent or Goddess spaces (mobile temple spaces) for weddings, ceremonies, or corporate events, rituals, or parties

  • Customized altars for specific intent or honoring ancestors 

  • Elaborate forts or princess castles for children

  • Access to our list of some of the best motivational speakers and instructors in yoga, Qigong, meditation, food classes, medicinal herbs, spa, wellness, art, and music to further customize your event


Himilayan salt for purification
Garden Party Treat Tier
Travelling Altar
Treat Tier
Fresh Floral
Winter Altar
Winter Altar
Winter Altar
Garden Party Lights
Garden Party Dessert Table
Garden Party Altar
Candle Lit

View some of our past offerings of Sacred Space.

SEWW Herbal

Intention: To turn an outdoor deck into a sacred, restorative 'Red Tent' sanctuary for the conference's women of colour presenters, teachers, attendees, staff, and volunteers.

The Dreamers' Ball 

Intention: To turn an outdoor dining area into a curious, enigmatic background for performers, musician and reception.

Grief Ritual
with Sobonfu Some 

Intention: To cover up religous sculpture and script in order to create a healing and inclusive space for workshop participants.

Private Garden Party 

Intention: To create an inviting and relaxing space for a birthday party.

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