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Foundation Blocks


Metta (Universal Kindness)

Through humanitarianism and the charities we work with, Samadhi Productions strives to "be a part of the change we wish to see in the world".

Our vision is to plant and cultivate seeds for growth and community connection throughout the planet. Our intention is to bridge select national and international programs with individuals, corporations, and non-profits to establish a collective to create and foster new ventures bigger and brighter than could be developed alone.  


We are working towards creating a permanent home with our own retreat/wellness center to further our dream of sharing our profound experiences and connections in the healing arts community.

Samadhi Productions provides a unique environment of learning and self-renewal. We focus on the individual experience to ignite the process of self-nourishment, renewal, creativity, and community building to provide a holistic foundation to continue growth.






Live with integrity, respect the rights of other people, and follow your own bliss.

                                                            - Nathaniel Branden




Through our unique retreats, educational workshops, and the integrative experience of our programming, we wish to inspire others to re-examine themselves and their work in a more creative, progressive, and conscious way.


By uniting with our communities both locally and globally, we create opportunities of connection for the greater good of the individual as well as the growth for the community. We value the creative process and the collaborative nature of us all and strive to align ourselves with those of like minds. We encourage diversity, imagination, and inspiration of co-created experiences in which dilligence aligns with our true purpose and passion.


Becoming self-aware through healing is the heart of Samadhi Productions. We show others how to create, develop, and apply their own 'tool boxes' of knowledge which allows them to nourish themselves; which in turn creates a healthier environment for all to live, work, and promote creativity, abundance, joy, and Metta.

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