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Let us put our minds together to see

what we can build for our children .


                                                   - Chief Sitting Bull


If you have (or are starting) a non-profit organization or are starting a business which is alignment with us and you fall into one of the following categories:


  • Under 25

  • Over 65

  • A Military Veteran 

  • Woman of colour

  • Not-for-profit

  • Student


and are challenged financially, you may be eligible for a sponsorship. Samadhi Productions, LLC offers a few sponsorships each year to qualified individuals who are starting a new business or have (or are starting) a non-profit. Our consultation, 

Sacred Space services, workshop, or event services may be available for a reduced cost, trade or complimentary. We are particularily interested in the following industries.



  • Natural health and wellness

  • The arts (artists, musicians, poets, writers, etc)

  • Community based enrichment programs

  • Not-for-profit

  • Advocacy

  • Organic skin & body care education

  • Massage and healing arts

  • Personal development

  • Meditation, yoga and movement instructors


​If you don't see your industry but feel we are of like-mind and want to be considered for sponsorship, please send an email along with your media kit to learn how we can benefit each other and our communities.


To be considered for a sponsorship, please fill out the online Sponsorship Request form (click on 'Submit')



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