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 Ceremonies & Rituals


Religion and ritual can be vehicles for entering stillness. It says in Psalm 46:10, 'Be still, and know that I am God.' But they are still just vehicles. The Buddha called his teaching a raft: You don't need to carry it around with you after you've crossed the river.


                                                                                                                 - Eckhart Tolle

Rituals can be traced back to the beginning of time. Rituals link all peoples regardless of ethnicity, culture, race, sex, or religion. Rituals motivate us and move us forward; they bring our thoughts, feelings, and aspirations into the tangible, physical world through words, songs, chants, gestures, intention, and action.

Any ritual performed is sacred and powerful but ritual done in a group can be that much more powerful. There is something magical when people come together with the same intent, for the same purpose with an open heart and mind. While we've been performing solo rituals for many moons, we will soon be offering group rituals by invitation only. If you would like to join us in a group ritual or if you would like assistance in crafting a special occasion ritual, please connect with us

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Upcoming Ritual Offerings

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Lion's Gate Portal
& Money Pouring Ritual

Ongoing Ritual Offerings

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New Moon Rituals
Full Moon Rituals
Money Rituals

More information coming soon.

Full Moon Rituals
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