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Your Greatest Self.



Samadhi Productions is a holistic production company started by people whose lives were profoundly changed through traveling and the holistic arts. Our intention is to inspire others and co-create an experience to help you discover useful tools to utilize in your own journeys of self-awareness and healing through conscious living.


We work with presenters and leaders in the holistic health and wellness industries; as well as musicians, artists, and forward thinkers to bring you the best of the best in education, performance, and spiritual renewal. With a professional working history of a combined 30 years in the health & wellness industry, we experienced a growing need and calling to have a better sense of what it is to be not only healthy, but happy as well. With career burnout, disease, and stress being at it’s highest in our culture, self-preservation is of the utmost importance.


No one can drink from an empty cup.


Understanding how this deeply affects productivity, creativity, as well as our personal lives is the key.  


Our unique approach to retreat and workshop production encourages personal growth in a holistic learning environment. You will learn life enriching skills to integrate into your daily routines to continue the transformation process at home; all while living like a local and being engulfed in the beauty and culture of our destination. We also follow the philosophy of Agape, or universal love, as we encourage you to participate in the local culture by giving back to support projects that are making a difference in the world.


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